Some Unusual And Off-the-beaten Things To Do In London

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We all know that the capital city of England, London, is famous for its exquisitely carved towers, panoramic views of the river Thames, and medieval castles. But sometimes, all you want is to avoid herds of people, venture to a quieter setting, and do something unusual. Luckily, there are some hidden London gems that provide an experience like nothing else. Excited to know? From walking through the graffiti walls to dining in the dark, here are the most unusual things to do in London

1. Explore the street art of London

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When it comes to street art or graffiti walls, people often think of Lisbon, Moscow, and Cape Town. But do you know that the city of London offers a staggering array of murals, graffiti art, and abstract paintings? Head to North London to see the creative works at Camden, Leake Street Tunnel, and Pitfield Street. 

2. Watch a movie outdoors

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Watching a movie outdoors is one of the must-do experiences in London. The city of London offers a number of outdoor theatres such as The Nomad Cinema, Rooftop Film Club, The Luna Cinema, Hyde Park, and Royal Opera House to have this wonderful experience. 

3. Buy a vintage umbrella from James Smith & Sons

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James Smith & Sons calls itself “A proud part of London since 1830”, and buying an umbrella from here is one of the best non-touristy things to do in London. The umbrellas made by James Smith & Sons are the symbol of traditional British craftsmanship and you would love taking home the same. 

4. Discover the tiny creatures at Grant Museum of Zoology

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Learning about the zoological facts at the Grant Museum of Zoology is one of the most amazing activities in London. The museum has a wonderful collection of the zoological specimen of the entire animal kingdom. Be it the huge dinosaur skull or the tiniest moles, you will find them all here. 

5. Meet the artist community of Eel Pie Island

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Sprawling over an area of 8,935 acres, Eel Pie Island is home to a unique community of artists. This island on the River Thames can be easily accessed by a boat ride. You would wonder to know the music bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones also belonged to the hippie commune on the island. 

6. Greet the clowns at Clowns Gallery Museum

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The city of London has many interactive and informative museums, but one of the most fun things to do in London with friends is to visit the Clowns Gallery Museum and explore a large number of funny clown faces. Do stop by the cute collection of clown-faced eggs! 

7. Visit the House of Dreams

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House of Dreams London is actually the brainchild of Steven Wright, an art director and textile designer. The house that he started to create “just as something decorative" has now become a unique and eclectic collection of mosaics and memories. To be honest, the House of Dreams is one of the most unusual places to explore in undiscovered London

8. Dine at Dans Le Noir?

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Looking for some cool places in London to eat? Then head to Dans le Noir. Dans le Noir means “In the dark”. What makes it creepy and distinct is its utter darkness and blind waiters. Having this unique sensory experience at Dans Le Noir is, indeed, a fun thing to do in London at night. 

9. Tour the quirky items of Last Tuesday Society

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Still looking for some crazy activities in London? Then head to Last Tuesday Society, a house full of unusual items and spine-chilling environment. Also known as Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors, Last Tuesday Society offers insights about taxidermy as well. 

10. Enjoy sipping tea at 300 years old tea shop

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The 300 years old tea shop of Twinings in London can be another stop to satisfy your desire of going offbeat. While you can taste your favorite Twining blends, visiting the mini tea museum and gift shop will also be a memorable experience. 

London offers a plethora of weird and wonderful activities to experience something different and keep you entertained. Which place did you like the most? Do let me know in the comments!