7 Experiences You Must Have In London For A Perfect English Vacation

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It is difficult to find a destination more vibrant and eccentric than London because it is more than just a city. It’s a living and breathing songbook that sings sweet melodies of the British. This capital of England has played host to years of creativity and significant international events. The prosperity of London in every aspect makes up for one of the best places to travel in the world. Here are some experiences you should not miss to immerse yourself in the vibes of this city:

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1. Zoom over the city at London Eye

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3.5 million people visit it annually, but only a few are unimpressed with its magnificence and splendor. Once you board into the glass capsule and get through the exhilarating flight to the top, you are rewarded with splendidly unimpeded views of the city. The rotation journey takes about 30 minutes and truly offers an ‘eye’ for the beauty of London.

You should not miss out on: Dining at 135, Private Capsules.

2. Stroll at Oxford Street

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Oxford Street is to London, what the Fifth Avenue is to Manhattan: the city’s heart and a fashionistas’ paradise. You will be spoilt with the plethora of choices the street offers in terms of shopping and dining. Not just this, the street is your gateway to blend into the culture of London. You can also visit the nearby Photographer’s Gallery, Japan Center, and the BBC Broadcasting House.

You should not miss out miss on:  Selfridges, Christmas decorations

3. The second name of royalty a.k.a. Buckingham Palace

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London is often found at the epicenter of the royalty of the world, and Buckingham Palace is often at the epicenter of this royalty. The palace has been a royal residence of the sovereigns of the United Kingdom since 1837 and now serves as one of the most iconic heritage places in the world. The State Rooms of the palace are open to the public every summer and provide an insight into the lives of the regals.

You should not miss out on: Changing of the Guards Ceremony, Royal Mews, Queen’s Gallery

4. Spend nothing on National Portrait Gallery

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The National Portrait Gallery dates back to 1856 and is one of the top tourist-draws in London. The building is built in an Italian Renaissance style and is a perfect abode to some of the most prominent artworks in the United Kingdom. The gallery mainly has collections of portraits of people who have made notable contributions to the history of England. There are over 10,000 portraits in different media forms. And what’s more? The entry to the gallery is free!

You should not miss out on: The portraits of - Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, King Henry VII

5. Visit the quintessential Westminster Abbey

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The Westminster Abbey is England’s quintessential structure and an icon of the opulent heritage of England. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is built in a gothic style and has been home to the most prominent figures in history. The palace holds thousands of graves of important people in England’s history and is one of the most significant monumental sculptures in the United Kingdom.

You should not miss out on: Poet’s Corner, King Edward’s Chair, College Gardens

6. Marvel at the enormity of St.Paul’s Cathedral

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If you are after larger-than-life structures and intricate designs, St.Paul’s Cathedral is the place to linger. The St.Paul’s Cathedral is among the world’s largest cathedral domes. The dome has three galleries that offer spectacular views of the city skyline. A tour to one of the most recognisable sights in London may sound cliché, but a visit to this iconic landmark is the only thing that completes your vacation to London.

You should not miss out on: Glittering mosaics, Sculptures dating back to the 17th century

7. Celebrate the British theatre at Shakespeare’s Globe

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One does not just come to the city of the world’s most celebrated writer and not visit the theatre that once witnessed the magic he cast. The original Elizabethan building was destroyed in a fire in the year 1599. The Shakespeare’s Globe is created to carry on the legacy of England’s rich theatre culture.

You should not miss out on: Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, prop collection


London is indeed fascinating. So, get on that plane to visit the best places in London for your next trip, because London is calling!