7 Experiences In Pattaya That Should Be On Every Traveler's List

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Thailand has become the la la land for Indians with so many Bollywood movies like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Housefull, and Student of the Year showcasing the country’s exotic places to visit in Pattaya. Ancient Thai traditions and unique religious treasures are best combined with modern adventures and vibrant party streets in the beachy wonderland of Pattaya. The bubbly coastal city is constantly brimming with life- be it its beaches, or streets. So soak in the beauty of this little slice of heaven at these not to be missed destinations!

1. Walk down the ancient legends and beliefs at the Sanctuary of Truth

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Propagating the significance of religion, art, and philosophy, Sanctuary of truth is a unique structure made with wood that has not been treated or chemically protected. The four corners of the tower have figures from Indian, Thai, Cambodian and Chinese beliefs and legends making it a one-of-a-kind homage to ancient philosophies. Truly recognized as the magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth! 

What not to miss around Sanctuary of Truth? Orthodox Christian Church and Art in Paradise Pattaya

2. Go on a shopping spree at the unique Floating Market

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With vendors selling their wares literally floating on traditional boats and canoes, the floating market offers a surreal experience. You can totally satisfy the shopper in you with the abundance of items sold here- from food items and fruits to souvenirs, art, handicrafts, and clothes. With regions representing north, northeast, central and south areas of Thailand, the market is rightly termed as “Four Regions Floating Market”. 

What not to miss around the Floating Market? St Nikolaus Church, Thunder Rock Dinosaur Park, Thai Sky Adventures

3. Head to the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden to view bustling flowers and gardens

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If the site of a large area brimming with notable flowers and landscaped gardens excites you as much as it excites the numerous tourists, you have to visit the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. Housing about 670 varying species of orchid, the gardens house a recreation of Stonehenge, gardens made exclusively with cacti, butterfly hill, french style gardens, and tropical palms. Thai drumming, dancing, and boxing are famous displays featured in the garden.  

What not to miss around the Nong Nooch Garden? Silverlake Vinelake, Bottle Art Museum, Darul Ibadah Mosque.

4. Witness spectacular talents at the world-famous Tiffany Cabaret Show

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One experience that needs to top your bucket list is watching the popular talent show named the Tiffany Cabret Show. The performers include the transgender community as well as the transvestites. With artists wearing magnificent colorful costumes that include anything from sweeping ball gowns and feather plumes to polka-dot swimwear and elaborate headdresses, the show is filled with songs, dances, skits, colors, and light. This one is definitely not to be missed.

What not to miss around the Tiffany Cabaret Show venue? Mini Siam, Million Years stone park and crocodile farm, Pattaya city sign

5. Soak in the spiritual vibes at the Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)

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Standing tall at 18 meters, Big Buddha is one place which watches over the entire city of Pattaya and the Jomtien beaches. The golden seated Buddha, reverberations of bells, numerous small statues and burning incense sticks all combine to give a holistic experience to the visitors. Nestled atop the Pratamnak Hill, Big Buddha’s intricate designs and soulful vibes are sure to leave you revitalized. 

What not to miss around the Big Buddha? Pattaya Scuba Adventures, Wang Sam Sien, Queen Sirikit Park

6. Take a break from the overcrowded city life at the Coral Island (Koh Larn)

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Clear blue sea with endless waters and void of sky-high buildings is what defines the exotic Coral Island. The island is probably the city’s best-kept secret with relatively a few number of tourists crowding the beach. Nestled about 7 kilometers west of the Pattaya beach, the island is a retreat for those seeking peace and a relaxed vacation time. Don’t forget to capture the classic shot of sunset from the island. 

What not to miss around the Coral Island? Tawaen Beach, Tien Beach, Try outdoor activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing

7. Explore Pattaya’s bubbling nightlife at the Walking Street

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Closed to vehicular traffic after 6 pm, Walking Street is one place you have to visit if exploring the bars, nightclubs, go-go bars and restaurants of cities seems exciting to you. This 500-meter long stretch is the busiest party spot of Thailand and has something for practically every interest group. Virtually closed during daytime and bubbling with thumping music and food vendors during the night, the street is a true treat for the party animals.

What not to miss around Walking Street? Hot Tune Bar, Lucifer Disco, Club Insomnia, Cocoon Pattaya


Whether you are a local yet to explore the city or an outsider who knows nothing about the local areas, visit these lively places in Pattaya and let the city’s glitz and glamour along with its raw beauty take over you.

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