12 Months, 12 Places - Get Ready For A TripTastic Year

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Your new year resolutions must include visiting new places, meeting interesting people, and understanding different cultures. That is why we are here with the list of best places for vacation in India that combines popular destinations with hidden gems. It has 12 destinations - one for each month where you can escape from your mundane daily routine. Want to know more about these fascinating sites? Read on and start planning your vacations right away! 

1. Kalimpong in January to find the hidden beauty

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Start the year by visiting one of the lesser-known places in India that will refill your batteries for months to come. Kalimpong, rooted on the ridge above Teesta River, will soak you in its Himalayan beauty. Its colonial-era buildings like Morgan House will give you a glimpse of British-era while Zang Dhok Palri Phodang Monastery will tell you how Buddhism runs in the veins of this small town. 

Where - West Bengal

2. Rann of Kutch in February to soak in the Indian culture

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Rann of Kutch - a vast sea of white sand - is one of the top places to visit in India in February when the famous Rann Utsav is at its peak. You can wake up in tents to the sound of Sufi folk songs, wander through the shops that are shining with mirror-worked handicrafts, and witness the surreal beauty of desert at night. Make sure that you plan a trip here in early February as the Rann Festival usually shuts its doors before the month-end. 

Where - Gujrat 

3. Havelock Island in March for honeymooners 

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Are you listening love-birds? Havelock Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India that is still hidden away from many. This tropical paradise will shelter you from all the hustle and bustle of the daily life. Take a romantic walk on the Radhanagar Beach whose white sand turns golden with the rays of setting sun. You can also enjoy sunbathing at Vijay Nagar Beach and go snorkelling at Elephant Beach. 

Where - Andaman Islands

4. Coonoor in April for a cool experience  

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The month of April is for packing your bags and heading towards hill stations in India. That is why you must visit Coonoor and let it soothe you with its crisp climate. Surrounded by tea plantations, the fragrance of Nilgiri tea will engulf you in this town. Be it the botanical garden of Sim's Park or the historical site of Droog Fort, Coonoor’s numerous attractions will keep you engaged throughout your vacation. 

Where - Tamil Nadu

5. Bir in May for adventure-lovers 

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Nestled in the Dhauladhar mountain range, Bir is a picturesque town that offers a quirky combination of meditation courses and paragliding centers. Bir-Billing area with clear skies, pine-filled valleys, and the backdrop of Himalayas offer one of the best experiences of paragliding in India. Do not forget to take a walk in the Bir Tibetan Colony and stop by different monasteries and temples. 

Where - Himachal Pradesh 

6. Zanskar valley in June - Rediscover the hidden gem

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Zanskar Valley is slowly becoming popular amongst hikers, trekkers, and river-rafters. As the winters are harsh, the best time to visit Zanskar is from June to September. You will have to keep in mind that the roads leading to the valley reopen only after the snowfall ends completely. It is amongst the best places to visit in India in June as you will be greeted by vibrant wildflowers blooming everywhere and the roaring Zanskar River. 

Where - Jammu & Kashmir 

7. Bundi in July - An off-beat monsoon destination in India 

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When it comes to catching the pulse of traditional Rajasthani lifestyle that still lingers in the past, the small town of Bundi is the place to be! It is also known as the Blue City as many houses are painted in the vibrant shades of blue. Lying in the shadow of Taragarh Fort, surrounded by more than 50 stepwells, and being home to ancient rock art sites, Bundi casts a spell that is hard to resist. 

Where - Rajasthan

8. Sirsi in August to experience the rainy beauty 

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Ditch the touristy places and head towards Sirsi to witness nature at its best. Planning a trip here in August means soaking in many of the Sirsi waterfalls and driving through the dense green forests. It is well-known for the ancient Shri Marikamba Temple. You can visit Shivaganga Falls, Unchalli Falls, Sathodi Falls, Vibhuthi falls, Magod Falls, Sahasralinga, and Burude Falls to make the most of your time. Exploring these enchanting places will make you realize why it is amongst the hidden destinations in South India.

Where - Karnataka 

9. Rishikesh in September to find the new you 

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Rishikesh is the place where the echo of Hindu prayers and sound of temple bells will follow you along the banks of the Ganges. It is also the place to go white water river rafting, kayaking, rappelling, and cliff jumping. Different yoga retreats in Rishikesh and outdoor activities offer an unusual blend of spiritualism and adventure. Walk along the Lakshman Jhula or sit on the Triveni Ghat to soak in the flavours of this tiny town. 

Where - Uttarakhand 

10. Bandhavgarh National Park in October for nature-lovers 

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Visiting Bandhavgarh National Park in October will take you straight in the heart of nature that is dominated with tigers, leopards, and Indian bison. Exploring the woods on a misty morning while listening to bird calls here hold a charm that cannot be compared with anything else. That is why you need to visit Bandhavgarh - one of the best October destinations in India. Take a Bandhavgarh National Park safari to have a wholesome experience. 

Where - Madhya Pradesh

11. Kavaratti in November to fall in love with its pristine beauty 

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Kavaratti, the tiny island and the capital of Lakshadweep is undoubtedly one of the most underrated tourist destinations in India. You will find yourself amongst deep blue lagoons, white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, and rich marine life. The ancient Ujra Mosque and interesting Kavaratti Aquarium are a must-visit here. 

Where - Lakshadweep

12. Panaji in December

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Panaji is a place with a heart that beats for Goan culture while its soul still lies in the Portuguese-colonial era. Otherwise known for its laid-back vibes, it turns into a party capital as the year comes to an end. That is what makes it one of the top places in India to visit in December. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church illuminates for its December festival while Deltin Royale Casino starts preparing to end the year with a bang. The Miramar beach lined with souvenir shops and charming cafes is also a great place to unwind. 

Where - Goa 

Now that you know which are the top places you can visit every month, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!