Hotel Room For A Whopping USD 100,000? That's The Cost Of Stay At The World's Most Expensive Hotel!

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How much is too much for a lavish vacation? A five-bedroom suite? Two wet bars? A library lounge? Let’s throw in a grand piano, some magnificent city views, and a rooftop terrace. Now, who wouldn’t want that grand vacation? I don’t even have those many dollars to say all this would burn a hole in my pocket. Such is life! But looks like people do! The “rich” people who can spend that much for a one night stay. Damn you social status! Well, I know I can’t afford it, but it doesn’t take much to dream. So, read on to know about the world’s most expensive hotels and plan a stay here if you are thaattttttt rich!

5. The Royal Villa at The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

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For around USD 50,000 a night, you get indoor and outdoor pools, private beach, garden, gym, chef, butler, three bedrooms, a pianist, and VIP transport. Man, if people wished for all of that living in a hotel room, why would they even travel all the way to Athens for a vacation? Just stay at home and hire these people to serve you! It would still cost you lesser! Do the math you millionaires. 

4. Delana Hilltop Estate at Laucala Island, Fiji

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USD 55,000 a night for infinity pools, guest residences, furnished spaces, thatch roofs, a private chauffeur, cook, and a nanny. Seriously? I will bring my own nanny! Who pays so much for one night? Turns out, people who enjoy luxury (and are rich) do. 

3. Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Season Hotel, New York

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You will get to see all the fancy interior stuff you have ever heard of before at this Penthouse. From Chinese onyx and Venetian velvet to sinks made from rock crystal and Japanese silk. Bro, I don’t even know what that stuff looks like. I would spend most of the time calculating how much I will have to pay if I break something! Not that I am ever going to stay here, because USD 60,000 is a little too much for me, you know. But, still! 

2. The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

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If you are someone who can afford to spend around USD 80,000 a night, then The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson is here to welcome you with twelve bedrooms, a dining room, marble bathrooms, jacuzzi, gym, a living area, a billiard room, helipad access, and a private elevator. Said to have served Bill Clinton, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and Bill Gates the suites provide unmatched views of the Lake Geneva. Anyway, they also have a panoramic terrace where you can lay down and regret having spent an amount equivalent to someone’s life salary! 

1. The Grand Penthouse at The Mark, New York

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Well, who says money can’t buy happiness? It could well buy me a night at a place like the royal Grand Penthouse and that’ll kind of make me more than happy. What comes with the world’s most expensive hotel are two floors with five bedrooms, two wet-bars, a library lounge, six bathrooms, a living space that could be converted to a ballroom and stellar city views. The cost? Around USD 100,000- a night!! Come on dude, I would just walk down and see the city views for free!!! 

Secretly calculating my savings after 50 years after having spent most of it on my food cravings. Forget it! Still can’t afford it!