Hostels In Rishikesh That Are A Nomad's Dream

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A hike along the Neergarh Waterfall early morning, rafting down the River Ganga that gets the adrenaline rushing, catching up the sunset on a peaceful evening, and soaking in the soulful ambiance all day long. That’s how your days in Rishikesh would be like. Eternally calming and yet getting your heartbeats racing with speed. To match up with such extraordinary days, you must also land up at exceptional stays. And that’s when you must consider the remarkable hostels in Rishikesh that are eccentric, hippie, oh-so unconventional, and pocket-friendly to the extreme.

Take a look at these best hostels in Rishikesh and they might compel you to visit this hub in Uttarakhand just to enjoy a memorable stay. 

1. Zostel Rishikesh: For the hippie in you 

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Zostel Rishikesh is all things quirky! And that comes from the person who has stayed here. Staying at Zostel, you would want to roam through its wall-painted corridors, catch-up with strangers from across seas in its reading room, play with the adopted doggos, or enjoy a jamming session on its terrace. Not to forget are the yoga sessions, Bollywood dance classes, and table-tennis to board games held here. 

2. Bunk Stay Rishikesh: For all the stunning terrace views 

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The Bunk Stay hostel in Rishikesh is all about breathtaking views. Book a stay in this hostel and you would want to just linger on its terrace, taking in the mesmerizing vistas of Rishikesh. So calm is the ambiance here, that you can clearly hear the reverberating temple bells. The Ganga river, the Laxman Jhula, and the Trimbakeshwar Temple as seen from the Bunk Stay make for a sight to behold. 

3. Live Free Hostel: For you do as the name suggests 

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Live Free Hostel is the hippie hub in Rishikesh. You may either huddle around a bonfire and listen to some cool music played by your fellow hostel-ites or just play a game of pool. Don’t miss out on the morning yoga sessions held on the terrace. Playing a game of chess and relaxing in a hammock are a couple of best ways to spend the evenings at Live Free Hostel. 

4. The Hosteller Rishikesh: For a pool, a cafe, and the gushing Ganges 

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Now, which hostel would provide you with a pool along with a private cafe and comfortable dorm rooms that come at the cheapest price ever imaginable? Well, you would find this all at The Hosteller Rishikesh. What more, this hostel is the closest to all the prime attractions in Rishikesh. So close it is to the Ganges, that you can hear the gushing river, standing on The Hosteller’s terrace. 

5. Into The Unknown Hostel: For a relaxing stay 

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Into The Unknown is a hostel in Rishikesh, tucked away in greenery. A stay at this hostel equals to having the most peaceful time in town. The best part of the hostel is its reading room and the reception area. This is the place where you would meet new people from around the world, form new bonds, read interesting books, groove to some live music, and play some board games. 

6. Moustache Hostel Rishikesh: For its sheer simplicity 

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The Moustache Hostel is a breath of fresh air in Rishikesh. With all things simple, this hostel defines ‘beauty in simplicity’. Be it their terrace, the TV room with bean bags, the cafeteria, or the reception area, every part of the hostel would make you feel rejuvenated. You may join in the jamming sessions in the TV at times or just take in the panoramic views of Rishikesh from the terrace while sipping on some hot coffee. The occasional splash of colors on the Moustache Rishikesh walls add to its beauty. 


Apart from these, the Hashtag Hostel and RAAHI The Travellers Nest, are a couple of other Rishikesh hostels that make for a great stay. So, what are you waiting for? Book one of the above hostels now and set out to explore Rishikesh.