Attention Indian Love-Birds! Go Honeymooning Without Visa Here

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What’s better than that big-fat Indian wedding day with lots of food, fun and your union with your soulmate? An even incredible honeymoon! And for that perfect honeymoon, escaping the county could prove to be a great choice. Planning international vacations is fun. But unfortunately, the documentation procedure isn’t. Imagine after all that planning and booking, a simple no could ruin your much-awaited trip. You wouldn’t want that, right? So to escape the hassle of long Visa procedures and risking your bookings, we need to know the visa free countries for Indian passport holders. head to these countries that are blessed with “Visa on Arrival” for Indians! Countries that allow "visa on arrival" for Indians with passport include:

1. Maldives

2. Thailand

3. Mauritius

4. Jordan

5. Fiji

6. Bhutan

7. Indonesia

8. Cambodia

9. Seychelles

10. Nepal

1. Head to the beachy abode of Maldives

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We all love free stuff. Don’t we? Provide your passport with at least 6 months validity and a free Maldives Tourist Visa shall be issued to you with 90 days validity. This beachy abode comes with fun activities you can try with your partner. Go snorkeling and diving, witness the underwater life or just soak in the serenity of white sand beaches. One of the closest beach destinations from India, with its pristine coral reefs, awaits your hassle-free entry!

Romantic Things to do in the Maldives: Go snorkeling or diving, Get a romantic massage, Visit glow-in-the-dark beach, Row in a private boat.

2. Behold nature in its most pristine form at Thailand

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Ditch the strenuous planning, and take advantage of the blessing that Visa on Arrival is at this undeniably fun country, Thailand. Caves surrounded by lush greenery and island with clear blue waters are sure to make that post-wedding getaway even more romantic. Stay at the exotic adults-only resorts, and hop on a rented motorbike to explore the magnificence of the beautiful countryside. 

Romantic Things to do in Thailand: Cruise around Bangkok in a private boat, Sip exquisite cocktails at rooftop bars, Go snorkeling.

3. Explore a slice of heaven at the tropical paradise of Mauritius

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Get visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 60 days at this mesmerizing wonderland of beaches, waterfalls and lip-smacking food. This bustling hub for honeymooners is also one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It’s the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of- laid-back ambiance, quirky decor, mountainous interiors, ethereal beaches, endearing waterfalls, and a plethora of outdoor activities. A splendid treat you will cherish forever!

Romantic Things to do in Mauritius: Indulge in couple’s spa treatment, Go beach hopping and skydiving, Explore Chamarel village.

4. Take a break from cliches and explore the enchanting monuments of Jordan

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If you are someone who feels honeymoons need not be associated with cliche destinations, Jordan is a location you definitely need to consider. Allowing visa on arrival that’s valid for two weeks at a cost of 30 USD, the country is loaded with ancient monuments, eco-adventures, and enchanting history. Burst that wedding stress by paying a visit to the red road city of Petra, floating on the Dead Sea or simply taking scenic drives through Amman. 

Romantic Things to do in Jordan: Go snorkeling and scuba diving at Aqaba, Dine under the stars at Wadi Rum, Visit the ancient ruins and religious places.

5. Catch some waves and linger under the palm trees at Fiji

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A paradisiacal honeymoon destination, Fiji with its swaying palm trees and splendid island creates an ambiance that’s ideal for couples. Get cozy with your partner as the coral reefs and adrenaline adventure await you with free visa on arrival facility. With so many activities like snorkeling, diving, surfing, angling and scuba diving that you can try with your partner amidst surreal views, you will never run out of romantic things to try out in Fiji. 

Romantic Things to do in Fiji: Go for a private beach picnic, Try snorkeling, Take a low flying scenic tour, Participate in the local kava ceremony.

6. Rejuvenate yourself at the monasteries and mountain passes of Bhutan

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Produce a valid Indian passport and you shall get a free visa on arrival that’s valid for 14 days to roam around the whimsical country of Bhutan. Located close to India, this outlandish country’s unmatched bike ride through hills and sheer brilliance of Himalayas welcomes newlyweds with utter enthusiasm. Let the solitude of monasteries, mountain passes, exotic wildlife, and adventure sports add magic to your lovey-dovey getaway.

Romantic Things to do in Bhutan: Trek to Dochu La, Take in the spiritual vibes of monasteries, Visit Phobjikha for a natural treat, Soak the laid-back vibes of Phuentsholing.

7. Soak in the cultural vibrancy and divine feels of Indonesia

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A visa on arrival that remains valid for 30 days shall make your travel planning so much easier in Indonesia. Head to Bandung for its culturally vibrant arena, Borobudur for its enchanting sunrise, Yogyakarta for its artistic divinity and Komodo Islands for the exotic feels. Bali is another not to miss spot when in Indonesia as you can charm your partner with romantic dinner and lavish stays, plus watch the stunning waterfalls. So take advantage of visa on arrival and hit the paradise land. 

Romantic Things to do in Indonesia: Try couple spas at lavish suites, Hike up the Mende hill, Experience exotic charm at Komodo Island. 

8. Explore the beaches and try thrilling activities at Cambodia

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Issuing visa on arrival at USD 36 that stays valid for 30 days, Cambodia is a rich and secluded getaway that’s perfect for a romantic honeymoon. This refreshing retreat allows you to cruise, swim with elephants, try watersports, explore shrines while biking, and indulge in a shopping spree. The Apsara dance in Phnom Penh, cruising in the Mekong, and gorging on scrumptious seafood are some not to miss experiences in Cambodia.

Romantic Things to do in Cambodia: Take in the serene tropical ambiance of Cambodian beaches, Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple, Visit Kulen Waterfall.

9. Sip champagne with your partner on the beaches of Seychelles

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Fantasize a honeymoon on the beach while sipping champagne and watching the sunset? Seychelles is the place for you! As long as you have an authentic proof of tickets and accounts, Seychelles, with its visitor’s permit allows you to stay here for three long months. Lay on the beachy lands, cycle through the local streets, watch giant tortoises, hike through the hills, take a shower in the waterfall or dive with the whale sharks to make your holiday full of romance and adventure. 

Romantic Things to do in Seychelles: Take a helicopter ride over the island, Go stargazing, Sail on lavish yachts.

10. Visit the magical, mythical, serene and spiritual land of Nepal

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One of the visa-free countries for an Indian passport, Nepal invites you with its numerous shopping center, cultural vividness, charismatic landscapes, and beautiful monasteries. You can explore the incredible temples of Kathmandu, go paragliding in Pokharna, take a jungle safari through Chitwan National Park, or for whitewater rafting in the Himalayas. Well, this beautiful country won’t disappoint no matter what you wish to do!

Romantic Things to do in Nepal: Visit the lakes and valleys of Pokharna, Experience Newari culture at Bandipur, Explore thrill and adventure at Bardia National Park. 

Head with your love to one of these (or all of these) honeymoon destinations to make that special trip unforgettable.